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Specialized distributor of hispanic dry spices and fresh produce for restaurants.

Since 2009

At D&R Quality Vegetables we strive everyday on our punctuality, delivering fresh produce, friendly service, good prices and excellent quality and unique flavors in our products.
Eleven years ago Victor Torres was affected by a medical issue, making it difficult for him to obtain a job anywhere that was when he decided to do something on his own and be his own boss.

He started selling fresh produce in his 1992 Honda Accord and having to air condition his aparment in order to store and maintain the fresh vegetables that he was selling. The number of clients he had started to grow rapidly allowing his small business to grow into a much bigger one.

He started working alone but once his business started growing rapidly he hired one person to work with him. And how he has more than sixteen persons working in his company.

If life had not placed him in the difficult situation of not being able to obtain a job because of his medical condition, it would not have been possible for him to establish the great company that exists now. And that is how D&R Quality Vegetables was established.

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